Commercial HVAC Repair in NYC: What to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Contractor

Not all commercial HVAC contractors are the same. When it comes to commercial HVAC repair, especially in an emergency situation, you’ll want a contractor who goes above and beyond what’s required to keep your HVAC systems running.

While knowledge of commercial HVAC system mechanics is important, it’s not the only thing a contractor can provide that benefits your business. A deep understanding of all heating and cooling systems and processes means your covered no matter what. A contractor whose business is structured to facilitate quick repairs minimizes unscheduled downtime. There are many different things you should consider when looking for a new HVAC contractor.

4 Things to Look for to Get the Best Commercial HVAC Repair in NYC

Hiring a commercial HVAC contractor that stands apart from the rest can save you a lot over the course of the relationship. It’s an important decision with consequences on overall operating costs. To hire the best, look for the following 4 things.

1. Owner Involvement

When you need an immediate commercial HVAC repair, having an owner on the other line provides peace of mind knowing the problem will get resolved quickly. Further, having direct access to an owner 24/7 essentially puts you at the top of the line of command – technicians arrive right when you need them. The result is fast, worry-free solutions.

2. Fleet Zoning System

In NYC, getting from Point A to Point B isn’t always as easy as it seems. This problem is worsened if an HVAC contractor doesn’t have vehicles anywhere near your building. Look for an HVAC contractor that uses a fleet zoning system – this ensures there’s always a technician within a few blocks from you if your system goes down.

3. Vertical Integration

Even with proactive maintenance schedules in place, commercial HVAC systems don’t go down in a predictable way. An HVAC contractor with knowledge of the whole building HVAC system, as well as the whole process of construction, installation, maintenance and repair, means there’s always a solution at hand, no matter what goes wrong.

4. Industry Experience

Commercial HVAC uptime is important for building tenants, but it’s also important for a building owner’s bottom line. When an HVAC contractor understands this relationship – especially for critical systems HVAC like data center cooling or hospital HVAC – you can be confident repair decisions will be made with your best interests in mind. Once again, experience lends itself to fast, worry-free resolutions.

There are other things you can look for in a commercial HVAC contractor, but the four mentioned above are signs the company will go above and beyond what’s required to provide you the best service possible.

If you’re looking for a new contractor, Donnelly Mechanical has 25+ years of experience with commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, serving over 1,700 businesses in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Commercial HVAC Repair in NYC: What to Look for in a Commercial HVAC Contractor

  1. I agree that it is a good idea to check your potential HVAC contractor how experienced as a way of knowing they can provide fast, worry-free solutions. My friend is planning to have his own restaurant in the city. He’s been looking for a commercial HVAC contractor who can provide install his newly purchased air conditioning unit. I’ll suggest that he do some research on the experience of his potential HVAC contractor.

  2. It really helped when you said that the company that we should choose is those who have a fleet zoning system. As you mentioned, it will assure us that we will be serviced as fast as possible. I will share this information with my husband so that we will be hiring a great company tomorrow. Our unit just broke down this evening for an unknown reason, so we ended up renting a room in a hotel.

  3. I really liked what you said about how, even with proactive maintenance schedules in place, commercial HVAC systems don’t go down in a predictable way. My cousin has a small business and wants to update the HVAC system of the building he runs it in. Thank you for the information about how he should get an HVAC contractor with knowledge of the whole building HVAC system so they always have a solution at hand no matter what goes wrong.

  4. Hey! That’s a really great article. HVAC is a necessity for sure especially during winters. I mean the way temperature goes down it would be unimaginable to survive with HVAC.

  5. Your advice to find an HVAC contractor that is knowledgeable about the commercial system you have so they can provide the necessary installation, repairs, and other services would be important. In order to learn about their work, you might want to check out the websites of local contractors. This could help you learn about their experience and services so you can determine which one can best care for your commercial HVAC system to keep it in good condition.

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