How Often Should You Service Commercial HVAC Systems in NYC?

Commercial HVAC systems need regular maintenance to remain at peak efficiency and avoid any unscheduled downtime. While there are always maintenance costs, these are typically compensated by cost savings from efficiency and uptime. Still, you may be wondering how often does ‘regular’ mean?

The truth is that every commercial HVAC system is different. There are quite a few factors that can affect how often your commercial HVAC system needs maintenance to stay at peak performance.

Seasonal Factors for Commercial HVAC Systems

Your first consideration when thinking about the frequency of commercial HVAC maintenance should be seasonal changes. Going into the cold NYC winter, your heating systems have been shut off for some time – they need maintenance before you turn them back on to ensure they’ll make it through the entire winter. The last thing you want is an HVAC emergency in the middle of December.

The same goes the other way, when cooling systems kick in for summer after the long winter. These aren’t just comfort issues – they’re directly related to productivity and mission-critical computer systems for building occupants. Seasonal changes are a very important time to maintenance commercial HVAC systems.

System Considerations for Commercial HVAC Maintenance Frequency

Your commercial HVAC system will play a big role in determining how often you need maintenance services. First and foremost, the age and type of HVAC system in your building will be the main factor. Older systems need maintenance more frequently, some types of HVAC systems need extra attention. For example, split HVAC systems have more components, indoor and outdoor, and need maintenance more often.

You’ll also need to check your commercial building lease requirements. Typically, your lease will have a minimum number of times the system should have maintenance done. This can serve as an initial guide if you’re unsure of how often to service your commercial HVAC.

Another system consideration is your HVAC filters. Commercial HVAC systems have filters to keep pollen, dander and dirt from getting into the building. When they’re clogged, they don’t work as well and block air from entering the system, making your entire HVAC system work less efficiently.

Your commercial HVAC system will largely determine how often you should schedule preventative maintenance services. Seasonal changes will demand service no matter the shape your system is in, but there are a number of variables that affect the frequency of maintenance.

If you want to determine a more specific frequency for commercial HVAC maintenance, continue reading about Donnelly Mechanical’s custom, preventative commercial HVAC maintenance services.

10 thoughts on “How Often Should You Service Commercial HVAC Systems in NYC?

  1. My husband and I just got an HVAC system in our home, and we have been wondering how regularly we should have it checked. That is a good idea to take into consideration the seasonal changes that happen. We wouldn’t want an emergency to happen in the middle of winter or summer. We will have to make sure we do it at least twice a year then. Thank you for the tips!

  2. I did like how you mentioned that every HVAC system can be different which makes how often the services needed differ too. That is a tip I will be sure to keep in mind as I plan to have our HVAC serviced as soon as possible too. Once I find the best contractor for it, I’ll be sure to ask how often our system would need the services and maintenance. Thanks!

  3. I never knew that the individual HVAC system you already have plays a big role in how often it needs maintenance. I used to think every system was the system in that regard. Thank you for the information about how older systems need more maintenance more often and some systems need extra attention.

  4. I feel that commercial HVAC systems and especially commercial heating tulsa ok, do not get the proper regular maintenance needed. A HVAC system needs to be serviced on a regular basis in order to avoid problems. This in the long run will prevent big shut down and in the long run save money.

  5. Thanks for explaining different services that could be used for a commercial HVAC system. You mentioned that you should get a maintenance check for a commercial unit about every seasonal change. This seems beneficial to keep in mind so that you don’t happen to forget when to go and do some maintenance checks.

  6. I appreciate what you said about needing to have maintenance done more regularly if a system is older. My sister was at work the other day when their air conditioning just went out. I don’t know when the last time they had any work done on it, but I know that it was really uncomfortable for them at the time. I never would have thought that about an older system like the one at my sister’s job, but it makes a lot of sense and I’ll even be more careful about it at home.

  7. That’s interesting that companies need to have their heating systems receive maintenance before winter to make sure it’ll work throughout the winter. It would be good to have a contract with an HVAC company to make sure they get a good price for checking everything. This way the company can make sure they receive regular maintenance so all the equipment will work correctly as the seasons change.

  8. I like your suggestion to use your commercial lease as a guide if you’re unsure how often to have your HVAC system maintained. My brother is thinking about leasing a commercial office space. I’ll pass along the info you shared here and encourage him to have the HVAC system maintained regularly.

  9. You are very right that with commercial HVAC, you have to make sure that the filter is in good working order. If I had one, I would make sure that the filter is changed when it is due to avoid any clogs as that would cause the system to run less efficiently. That and I would also stay on top of all of the preventative maintenance.

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